We're celebrating our first birthday!

This time last year, Frisk launched an exciting range of e-learning lessons for FinTechs, Remote Gambling Operators and Non-Remote Casinos. We already had a firm handle in the industry with more than ten-years’ experience. In 2021, after a period of consultation with our customers, we recreated our existing library in an improved SCORM-friendly format.

Today, we have an extensive collection of compliance lessons, giving companies access to 12 hours (per industry) of e-learning materials and hundreds of test questions. Learners enrol on role-based learning pathways for a three-year period. We extend this learning by customising the lessons and working closely with customers to develop their training needs.

Over the last 12 months 7,000 + learners have registered onto our lessons more than 33,000 times through their Learning Management Systems (LMS). Additionally, through the Go1 Content Hub, learners have consumed more than 250,000 minutes of content this year alone. We’re seeing significant monthly increases as new customers onboard our lessons. 

We’ve reviewed what works best, and today we’re announcing a few changes:

🌟 Frisk is launching a managed service for small businesses
🌟 Frisk is centralising the Frisk Direct service
🌟 Frisk Lessons can now be purchased on a perpetual basis
🌟 Frisk offer lessons as commissioned deliverables

Read more: Select this link to access PDF. Link opens a new window in Google® Drive.
Contact: lessons@frisk-online.com

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