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The delivery of compliance topics is often underwhelming. Frisk e-courses stand out in the field. They’re appealing, fun and engaging. We avoid jargon and legalese, presenting the e-course materials in a simple and structured manner. Users will quickly assimilate the facts and learning points, even if English is not their first language. We invest a lot of time and energy making sure that our training is accessible and written in plain English.

Our training materials are regularly subject to client audit, as the majority of our clients are licensed by the FCA or the Gambling Commission. We seek and receive regular feedback on our training materials and have had many positive comments about the high quality and unbeatable pricing that we offer.
No integration is needed. Frisk Learning Online Support manage the entire setup process. Frisk e-learning is a fully automated cloud-based tool. Worldwide learners are registered online and get an auto-notification containing their user credentials and details of any e-course or reading task. You can then choose whether to handle admin yourself, or use Frisk Learning Support.
Our HTML5 e-courses run on all the major browsers, including: Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox and Safari. All e-courses are tested on Windows, Mac and Ubuntu operating systems. No additional plugins are required. The only requirement is that your browser must be up to date (e.g. Internet Explorer version 7 and earlier may not be compatible). Any questions can be sent to Frisk Learning Support. Email:
Your e-course administrator can access a dashboard and view detailed pie charts to analyse progress, including pass and fail results. You can activate scheduled reports and receive user progress updates by email (weekly or monthly). Reports show each user’s progress and whether they have not started, started or completed any e-course.

Additional reports can be downloaded confirming the results achieved in each e-course, including the final assessment mark. You can also generate reading task reports to see whether users have downloaded reading tasks and confirmed that they’ve understood the content.
If you’ve attempted to reset your password and are still having difficulty, please contact Frisk Learning Support. Email: (Mon - Fri between 9.00 am and 5.00 pm)
Our bespoke learning management tool is designed and developed by us and has undergone stringent security assessments to give you complete peace of mind. Security measures include: minimal personal data collection (first and last name of your employees only), strong passwords, end-to-end encryption, Amazon cloud-based security (EC2 instance), and two-factor dedicated Linux-based server administration. Our server is subject to ongoing threat assessment and patching. We regularly pen test our product to ensure the highest level of software security.

As required by the law, Frisk Online is also registered as a data controller with the UK Information Commissioner’s Office. Registration reference: Z1457593.
Most of our clients are small to medium sized companies. They do not have their own LMS and subscribe to our cloud-based service. If you're interested in licensing our SCORM based modules please contact us for further information.
CPD stands for Continuing Professional Development. Frisk Online use the CPD Certification Service to review core modules. You can find out more here:
Frisk Online send our clients posters worldwide using the service.
Frisk Online can manage the licensing process for the following: Payment Institutions and Electronic Money Institutions. We have a 100% success rate within the standard decision window, and can provide references.
Frisk Online customise your e-courses as part of the set-up fee, including the adaption of graphics, and the inclusion of new voiceover and text. Any new scenarios we write for our clients are sanitised and contributed to our knowledge share – a unique concept that ensures best practice. The end result is an anonymous contribution that does not reveal, company details or confidential information. These scenarios can then be modified by other clients participating in the scheme.

Frisk Online is available on a commission basis to produce bespoke course transcripts and training materials that remain the sole IP of our client(s) at an added charge and these will not be shared with any third party.
Frisk Online provide bespoke slides or videos on any compliance topic. This could be a result of an audit requirement, such as a request for senior management to focus on their own responsibilities. We charge £500 per day for this bespoke content, including creating graphics, writing copy and obtaining expert opinions. Frisk Online always agrees a project fee in advance. A typical 30 minute training presentation, with a final test (15-20 slides), would cost around £2,500 (excluding VAT).
Our registered address and telephone number has changed. You can now reach us at:

Registered Address:
22 Downhurst Road

Call: + 44 (0) 1483 277967
Mobile: + 44 (0) 7449 714050

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