Risk-based approach

Training purpose:

You'll explore the risk-based approach in depth. This includes an assessment of your firm's risk profile, and how systems and controls must be adapted to mitigate these risks.

Personalise this e-course by annotating your company's risk profile within the slides. Apply risk-based scores to financial crime categories and give employees helpful ways in which to identify and report these events.

What will my employees learn about?

  • What is covered by a risk-based approach
  • How risk-based procedures help the company to comply with money laundering regulations
  • The risks that the company faces


Products e course

Product type:



Anti-money laundering & counter-terrorist financing

Sector-specific versions:

  • Remote gambling

What jurisdictions does this training cover?


Who is this training for?

Compliance and senior management




From: £25 per user annual licence (discounts applied depending on group size)

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