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This edition of Frisk Insights discusses big data. Read on if you're in learning admin and/or responsible for procuring learning tech.

Big data

Top Tip: Maximise the potential of big data

The cost of implementing IT is rising, alongside business insurance, software licensing and hiring knowledgeable staff to maintain the distribution of content. So, what can you do to lower the overall cost? One thing you can think about is how to maximise the potential of your data.

When you manage training you'll end up with a huge bucket of data, BIG DATA: user login activity, completion data, pass and fail rates, time spent on training, productivity, etc. As a compliance professional you're interested in tracking a few key points:

  1. New starter completion rates + scores (e.g. within 30 days of joining).
  2. All staff annual refresher completion rates + scores + overdue (e.g. within 30/60/90 days of assignment).
  3. Take up of ad-hoc, advanced and role-based training + scores (e.g. higher-risk and role-based quarterly training).

 You may find that you need to set up your own auto-scheduling and reporting queries. The system you choose must be robust enough to report on every compliance outcome. All tech has a cost and it's important to weigh up the options. In previous articles, I've blogged about some of the game changing features that will save you time and money (when rolling out your training).

How do we get started with big data?

It is useful – a must – to get your developers onboard. With additional learning tech integrations and bespoke queries, you can maximise the potential of big data, without subscribing to costly additional features and/or hosting. We know of companies who've paid an annual premium of up to £180K for this luxury with only 2,000 users (and that doesn't include the content they've subscribed to!).

Ask questions when you procure learning tech, for example:

Can admins get a data feed of all completion reports, daily, to a linked Google Sheet, e.g. through a Zapier integration? 

If ‘No’, can they set up any other feed, e.g. dump to Google Cloud (with access to reporting via BigQuery), and map back through Bamboo or API integration?

Time to cut those costs in half

A native API integration or doing something as simple as setting up a data feed that exports completion data from your Learning Tech (e.g. Learning Management System (LMS)/experience platform, etc) and imports it into a Google Sheet and/or Google Cloud gives you a lever. You can then do pretty much anything you want reporting wise, with all the relevant sharing permissions in place.

In a nutshell...

There's plenty of API manuals out there on SCORM LMS/Google integrations. You might need further middleware to get the data out and into your chosen cloud. Your developers can help you solve some of these challenges and it becomes a project that pays out dividends, when reducing the hours of manual work completed by learning admin teams. That's why this article is written with learning admin in mind, as they are often the ones procuring and managing the kit. The solution you choose has to be right for your unique circumstances and business requirements – there's a zillion combinations out there!

Note: As per our terms (6.41 – 6.43 in particular), you must select third-party software according to your independent privacy and compatibility assessments, work-flow needs and requirements. 

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