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The Frisk Online Shop is open for business!

DISCOUNT CODE: FRISK5DAY (Valid until 17 November 2023). Use at the checkout. See example below:

About the Frisk Online Shop:

We've been operating as a training provider for 15+ years. We've provided more than 50 global brands and FinTechs with compliance training over the years, including: Ladbrokes, Secret Escapes, Wise, FreemarketFX, Trolley, Treatwell and many more. Frisk Lessons are distributed by Go1 and OpenSesame.

Throughout this time, we've built up a huge library of training resources. We decided to start selling these as editable documents that can be downloaded from our own online shop (built using Shopify).

We've been trialling a few products through this store over the last few months. We're now gearing up and ready to launch the full range.

We've already placed an expanded starter pack of products in our key takeaway and infographic sections. We've made these affordable so you can take away the complete range if you like. Additionally, to kick off your first purchase you can use a discount code, FRISK5DAY which is valid until 17 November 2023.

We hope your transaction is smooth; however, we're always open to suggestions on how to improve the user experience on this site. Please send your comments, by email, to: 

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