How to access Frisk Lessons?

At Frisk, we’re passionate about educating those who fight Financial Crime on the frontline. Our main focus is the human side of compliance. General awareness avoids tipping off, failure to report, insider risks and data breaches. Role-based scenario training helps cement this knowledge.

How to access Frisk Lessons?

You Have Three Options:

1. OpenSesame: Buy a per-transaction licence. Perfect if you already have a Learning Management System (LMS).

 2. Go1 Content Hub: Access world-class content through a hub, on demand + a free LMS platform. Search for ‘Frisk Lessons’
3. Buy a perpetual licence: Host our content anywhere that’s SCORM compliant for a one-off fee (and never pay a renewal for content). Affordable, starting at £500 (excluding VAT).

Our top courses for compliance/FinTech are:

AML/CTF Awareness (AML/CTF)
AML/CTF Assessment (AML/CTF)
Scenarios (AML/CTF)
InfoSec Explorer (InfoSec)

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