Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose Frisk Online Limited?

The delivery of compliance topics is often underwhelming. Frisk study packs stand out in the field. They’re appealing, fun and engaging. We avoid jargon and legalese, presenting the materials in a simple and structured manner. Users will quickly assimilate the facts and learning points, even if English is not their first language. We invest a lot of time and energy making sure that our training is accessible and written in plain English.

Our training materials are regularly subject to client audit, as the majority of our clients are licensed by the FCA or the Gambling Commission. We seek and receive regular feedback on our training materials and have had many positive comments about the high quality and unbeatable pricing that we offer.

How do you integrate Frisk e-learning?

No integration is needed. Frisk Learning Online Support manage the entire setup process. We may need to work with your project managers and identify the support contacts at your software provider (Learning Management System LMS).

Who should you contact if you can’t access your "Frisk Portal" learning account?

If you’ve attempted to reset your password and are still having difficulty, please contact Frisk Learning Support. Email: (Mon - Fri between 9.00 am and 5.00 pm).

We have a SCORM/xAPI based LMS can we still use Frisk modules?

Yes. Our enterprise clients use a variety of LMS tools. We provide unbiased advice on integration options and pricing. We do not partner, on a commission basis, with any LMS and only import our content to approved third parties (subject to quality inspection). We want our clients to understand what options are open and suitable for them, in a learning market flooded with software choices.


Frisk Online build your study packs as part of the set-up fee, bringing together the tasks you choose from our A-Z listings. Any new scenarios we write for our clients are sanitised and contributed to our KNOWLEDGE SHARE – a unique concept that ensures best practice. The end result is an anonymous contribution that does not reveal, company details or confidential information. These scenarios can then be modified by other clients participating in the scheme. See pricing for more information.

Thank you for reading these FAQs. If you have any other question, don't hesitate to email and we will arrange a call. Email:

Does Frisk Online offer LMS software?

Frisk Online built and maintained several proprietary Learning Management Systems (LMS) over the years. Firstly, a PHP tool and secondly a Ruby on Rails portal. We believe in simple and user friendly software, that helps bring the learning experience alive. We have historically licensed software that complemented our content, and charged one 'per user' fee for access to both. We kept costs low and effectively provided the LMS for free, as part of the package.

A 'true-blue' training provider doesn't provide an LMS solution and only provides content. Further, there are many software solutions providing only the LMS and no content. Clients can then import content from a variety of training providers and don't feel locked into one platform.

Frisk Online specialise in creating quality, bespoke and customised compliance training materials. We are trainers and get immersed in the design and review process. We want to ensure that clients are happy with their materials and have immediate access to their library of study packs.

In 2021, Frisk Online announced their unwavering commitment to becoming the leading provider of FinTech and CryptoCurrency themed compliance training. We want to empower all of our clients, as their software needs are often complex and diverse. Therefore, we will advise you on the variety of software options available and suitable for you. We will then import the precise training you need, via the Frisk Portal, to your chosen software.