Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose Frisk Online Limited?

The delivery of compliance topics is often underwhelming. Frisk study packs stand out in the field. They’re appealing, fun and engaging. We avoid jargon and legalese, presenting the materials in a simple and structured manner. Users quickly assimilate the facts and learning points, even if English is not their first language. We invest a lot of time and energy making sure that our training is accessible and written in plain English.

Our training materials are regularly subject to client audit, as the majority of our clients are licensed by the FCA or the Gambling Commission. We seek and receive regular feedback on our training materials and have had many positive comments about the high quality and unbeatable pricing that we offer.

How do I get help?

For existing clients. Please contact Frisk Learning Support. Email: (Mon - Fri between 9.00 am and 5.00 pm). If you are moving away from our existing portal and onto Frisk Lessons, visit our Wiki.

To set up Frisk Lessons on your Target LMS. Email: (Mon - Fri between 9.00am and 5.00 pm).

We have a SCORM/xAPI based LMS can we still use Frisk Lessons?

Yes. We distribute Frisk Lessons via SCORM Cloud. All you need is a SCORM-compliant LMS to host our content. You can consider using Learning Management Systems (LMS) such as TalentLMS, Workday, SCORM Cloud and Lessonly.

How are Frisk Lessons distributed?

Frisk Lessons are hosted on a virtual SCORM Cloud library. Frisk Online use Rustici’s SCORM Cloud Dispatch service to export, play, report on and version control Frisk Lessons. Rustici use state-of-art security architecture to deliver its service. We can provide you with more tech details on how the APIs work together (SCORM Cloud versus your Target LMS) and how your LMS and ours will record your learners' results.

How do you add content to your TLMS?

You open the 'add content' feature via your chosen target LMS. You then simply drag and drop a ZIP file (supplied by us to you) to import the Frisk Lesson.

On agreement, Frisk Online can be given an Instructor Account via the TLMS. We can then login and help you create content and add SCORM lessons (without the ability to see end-user data).

How do you licence Frisk Lessons?

You buy Allocation Licences (direct from Frisk Online or via a supported marketplace) and allocate these lessons to users via your TLMS. You can 'Get a free trial' and get started right away.

How do you schedule lessons?

Frisk Online provides consultancy on your scheduling needs. The TLMS are primarily responsible for supporting distribution. For example: adding users via .CSV bulk upload, aligning their roles with your chosen learning pathways and lessons, or the integration of your API + SSO. 

How do you update Frisk Lesson content?

Frisk Lessons contain off-the-shelf content. They typically contain a lot of animations and need careful maintenance. Further, we do offer an opportunity to create content via our KNOWLEDGE SHARE scheme (we develop content for free and redistribute the anonymised versions to all clients).

Clients often want to update some very specific content. For example: MLRO contact details, licensing information, useful resources and policy links, etc. Frisk Online purposely excludes such Bespoke Content from off-the-shelf Frisk Lesson. You can either: a) set this up alongside your Frisk Lesson using your LMS's own templates and creation features, or b) add custom content (Google® Slide files (subsequently exported as PDF files)) to a 'bookshelf' key takeaway topic, built in Adobe Captivate and embedded by our instructional designers within your custom Frisk Lesson.

Google® Workspace’s PDF merge feature gives you an easy way to maintain PDF updates. This gives you excellent control over e-learning content (as you can change the materials real-time)! 

You might want to customise our animated content, too. In this case we set up your own version of each lesson. You will track requested changes via Google® Docs. Frisk Online will then provide an update service (to update the SCORM content). 

Please contact us for further information:

How much does bespoke e-learning cost?

Frisk Online provide bespoke slides or videos on any topic. We charge £500 per day for this bespoke content, including creating graphics, animation, character 'avatar' creation, writing copy and obtaining expert opinions. This fee is not for one person – it applies to our whole team! Frisk Online always agrees a project fee in advance. A typical 30-minute training presentation, with a final test (15-20 slides), would cost around £2,500 (excluding VAT).

However, we provide different options to suit multiple budgets. The budget solution involves converting your existing slides into a study pack (which must be viewed in its entirety to be completed). It usually takes just one day to do this (and supply you the final Adobe Captivate package).


If you have an interesting topic you want to build as a training package, we might consider doing that for free! KS materials we write for our clients are sanitised and contributed to our KNOWLEDGE SHARE – a unique concept that ensures best practice. The end result is an anonymous contribution that does not reveal, company details or confidential information. These materials can then be licensed by other clients through our Frisk Lesson programme.

Thank you for reading these FAQs. If you have any other question, don't hesitate to email and we will arrange a call. Email: